Workflow name: iRobot Roomba 697


User ads “iRobot Roomba 697” to cart

User searches “irobot latest”

User browses “iRobot” catalogue for longer than 1 minute

User browses “Appliances” catalogue for longer than 20 minutes


User has purchased product listed on store before “iRobot Roomba 697” was listed

Segment: Old iRobot Owners

User has purchased product in “Appliances” catalogue in the last 3 months

Segment: Gamers

User has opened a ticket titled "iRobot" to "Customer Returns" department in last 6 months

Zendesk integration required

User has used "iRobot 20% off" discount in last 1 year

Klaviyo integration required


IF purchase is completed recommend products from "iRobot appliances" catalogue with discount

Klaviyo integration required

IF purchase is failed create discount

Klaviyo integration required

Send discount via email

Mailchimp integration is required

IF user fits "First time home owner" segment allow access to 24 month monthly payments via Klarna

Klarna integration required

Add to "iRobot" ad segment

Facebook Ads Manager account enabled

Add to "The Robots of the Future" newsletter

Mailchimp integration is required