Workflow name: Xiaomi Black Friday Deal


User searches for product in “Xiaomi Store” catalogue

User ads product from “Xiaomi Store” to cart


User has purchased a product under “Android Phones” in the last 3 years

Segment: Android Phone Owners

User has purchased product in “Xiaomi Store” catalogue in the last 3 months

Segment: Gamers


Redirect to sub-store "Xiaomi Store"

Requires Sub-Store “Xiaomi Store” to be active

IF user purchases product in "Xiamoi Smartphone" catalogue send discount for any product in "Xiaomi Chargers"

Klaviyo integration required

Send discount via email

Mailchimp integration is required

Add to "Xiaomi" ad segment

Facebook Ads Manager account enabled

Add to "Top10 Xiaomi Accessories" newsletter

Mailchimp integration is required