Information needed on your business website or store to use Krepling Pay

To begin leveraging Krepling Pay for your business transactions, it is essential to provide a link to an online platform where your business activities are displayed. This could be a website, a social media page, or a mobile app that showcases your business or your products. For social media pages, ensure you include the full URL (for instance, rather than just a handle. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated website, please explore alternative solutions for providing such a URL.

When setting up your online presence with Krepling Pay, it is required that the digital touchpoints of your business—be it a website, social media account, or mobile app—reflect certain core information:

  • The name of your business, ensuring consistency with the data you have registered with Krepling Pay.
  • Detailed descriptions of your offerings, which must align with the details you’ve provided to Krepling Pay.

Furthermore, Krepling Pay and our financial associates necessitate the inclusion of the ensuing particulars on your digital platforms:

  • Accessible customer support details, which could be a contact number, email address, mailing address, a contact form, or direct messaging service details.
  • A clearly defined return procedure if you are in the trade of tangible goods.
  • Explicitly stated policies concerning refunds and handling of disputes.
  • A cancellation policy, should your business model necessitate it.
  • Any applicable legal or export restrictions related to your goods or services.
  • The stipulations of any ongoing promotional offers.
  • The currency used for transactions on your platform.
  • Protocols and policies to safeguard the transfer of payment card information.
  • A privacy policy regarding customer data.

Although this information is not a pre-requisite for the initial setup of your account, we advise you to integrate these details into your digital platforms promptly—ideally before you begin your sales activities. This proactive measure is aimed at circumventing any potential operational hitches down the line. It is also worth noting that these additional criteria may become applicable soon after you register, especially if your business operates within a sector that’s considered to be of heightened financial risk.

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